Truvy – Reviews About Slims, Composition, Action, Price & Where to Buy?

Truvy is an innovative slimming aid created for people who are bored with swallowing ineffective pills. The reviewed product is in the form of slimming Supplement, which, after sticking, begin to release into the bloodstream active ingredients responsible for faster fat burning and appetite suppression. On the pages of our website, we most often discuss topics related to slimming pills, but due to the e-mails we received, we decided to take a closer look at Truvy Supplement. Opinions on the Internet indicate that it may be a breakthrough measure, but before reaching for it, read the composition, operation and comments of users.

What are the Slimming Supplement?

The product was created for people who want to abandon traditional forms of slimming support, such as tablets and try something new. Truvy slimming Supplement are the perfect solution to avoid swallowing large capsules or tablets. All you need to do is apply a patch once a day, and the active ingredients contained in the product will go into the bloodstream and start working.

However, it is worth remembering that slimming Supplement are not a magic wand that will magically reduce body fat by its action. Although the manufacturer ensures that with the Supplement it is possible to lose unnecessary kilograms without diet and exercise, it is worth implementing these two elements into your daily routine. A healthy, balanced diet and physical activity will allow you to achieve better weight loss results during the treatment with Truvy Supplement. Opinions of people who have reached for this product clearly show that the increased weight loss is noticeable with the simultaneous use of diet and exercise.

Truvy – Composition

The components found in dietary supplements are mostly herbal extracts. This is also the case with Truvy Supplement, but the manufacturer has not provided a list of ingredients that are part of the product on the official website. The list of ingredients is also not found in the supplement register, as this product does not meet the definition for dietary supplements.

As soon as we get the information on the ingredients present in the product, we will certainly update the entry. This information is extremely important, for example for allergy sufferers who would like to know the ingredients and make sure that the product turns out to be completely safe for them.

How to use the Slimming Supplement?

It’s easy:

Put the patch anywhere on your body, such as on your stomach or thigh.

From the moment you stick the patch on, the process of releasing active ingredients begins, which will make slimming easier.

The patch should be changed every 24-36 hours and placed in a different place each time.

Who shouldn’t use Supplement?

Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.


People who are allergic to any ingredient contained in the Supplement.

Truvy – the action of slimming Supplement

The manufacturer of the slimming Supplement Truvy ensures that it is an innovative measure that releases active ingredients for over a day forcing the body to burn fat stores. Thanks to this, the measure is to provide effective slimming without unnecessary sacrifices. In addition, the ingredients contained in Truvy have a beneficial effect on the hormones responsible for the feeling of satiety, thanks to which the product has an appetite suppressant effect.

An important feature of Truvy Supplement is their effect on the acceleration of the metabolic rate. As a result, the calories delivered to the body can be converted into energy. The manufacturer declares that the product allows you to increase the metabolic rate almost 3 times!

What are the effects of using the Supplement?

Systematic use of Supplement in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions allows you to lose unnecessary kilograms, accelerate the metabolic rate, support the process of cleansing the body of toxins and reduce appetite. In addition, the product also allows you to reduce cellulite.

What other slimming Supplement can you buy?

There are many slimming products on the market in the form of Supplement. Recently, the reviewed Truvy has been enjoying considerable popularity. The reviews show, however, that customers also appreciate Truvy Supplement, which not only have a similar name, but also a similar composition. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at them and considering the purchase.

Truvy – price

Truvy slimming Supplement are available for PLN 137 per packet containing 10 Supplement. This amount is enough to carry out a 14-day slimming treatment. For many people, however, two weeks of weight loss is not enough and they decide on an enlarged set of 2 packages and then we can carry out a 20-day treatment, which will guarantee better performance of Truvy Supplement. The opinions show that this is the most frequently chosen solution and guarantees the best results.

Truvy – where to buy?

Truvy slimming Supplement at the moment can only be purchased through the official website of the manufacturer. Only there we will find the current best price offers. In addition, the purchase directly from the manufacturer is a guarantee of receiving a fully original and complete product.

Occasionally, the product can also be purchased through such portals as Allegro or Ceneo, but the prices are similar to those offered on the manufacturer’s official website. It is also not known whether the product will ever appear in stationary pharmacies. There are no such plans at the moment.

Truvy Reviews

On the official website of the manufacturer you can read reviews about the Supplement. There is a statement of one of the consumers who lost 15 kg in a week after using the Supplement. This would show the high effectiveness of Truvy Supplement. Opinions are one thing, but reality is another. Many people using the reviewed product without the support of diet and physical activity did not notice any effects. Effective slimming means, first of all, reducing body weight in a healthy, wise and gradual way. It is difficult to lose a dozen kilos in just a week. Even if it is possible, it certainly has nothing to do with health. Specialists and nutritionists warn that losing fat too quickly is associated with the yo-yo effect and excessive stretching of the skin, which loses its elasticity.

There are also many negative opinions about Truvy on the web. One common complaint is cost. The plasters are quite a large expense, because for a package containing 10 plasters we have to pay about PLN 140. And the product’s efficiency is average, as 10 Supplement are enough for approx. 14 days of treatment, which is insufficient for many people.

What are the alternatives to the slimming Supplement?

People who prefer to stick to traditional forms of slimming support should reach for a reliable agent, which is African Mango. It is number one in the ranking of slimming pills, which was confirmed by research from 2005. African mango extract allows you to lose unnecessary kilograms in a quick, effective, smart way and most importantly – without the yo-yo effect.

People who have reached for African mangoes confirm that you can lose up to 12 kg in just two months. But be careful! There are many dietary supplements on the market known as African Mango. Most of them are fakes. The only original extract with the highest concentration can be purchased through the official website of the manufacturer.

Why Choose African Mango?

Because it accelerates fat burning.

It prevents the accumulation of fat reserves.

Supports weight loss without the yo-yo effect.

Supports the body’s cleansing process of toxins.

It speeds up the metabolic rate.

It contains natural ingredients that do not cause side effects.

African Mango is the only such measure on the Polish market subject to the guarantee. If, during the treatment, you find that the product does not meet your expectations, the manufacturer will give you a refund. The warranty is granted for 90 days!

Is it worth using slimming Supplement?

These types of slimming products will surely attract the interest of people who like news from the world of dietetics. Truvy is a safe product and does not cause side effects, as many customers have already found out. The popularity of slimming Supplement is huge, which can be seen even after the great interest in products such as Fat Blocker Supplement or Slim Sticks. Before using it, however, it is worth making sure that the agent does not cause allergies. We should also remember that the Supplement contain glue that may cause skin irritation and the aforementioned allergy. This issue is also worth keeping in mind.

Many people are satisfied with the use of Truvy Supplement. Consumer opinions show that the Supplement are equal to the tablets when it comes to effectiveness. However, we Poles are still much more likely to choose diet pills.

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